Samstag, 2. Juli 2011

Playing with my ASTEROID

Owning my ASTEROID for 4 days now i thoght it was time to try some development. After analyzing the preinstalled apps (which will be given to you by the "Save" function of the ASTEROID directly on a SD-Card) I started to put some code together. I quickly realized that the ASTEROID is just an Android device as any other. The only thing parrot could release as an sdk could be proprietary stuff like controlling connected bluetooth phones, tts or stt....looking forward to get this sdk anyways....started my slow development of turn-by-turn navigation, but will need some ideas to do in parallel to keep my mood up...


  1. Jonas,

    Can you test if Wisepilot is working on the Parrot? In de SDK it seems to work flawless without any problems.

    Kind Regards,

  2. Jonas,


    The Parrot Asteroid is running on Android 1.5 and the device supports Text to Speech and multiple bluetooth profiles, is this correct?

    Is there a way I could test this in their SDK?


  3. Hello Dennis,
    First: I will test Wisepilot but must say that running in the emulator is not an indicator that an App is working on the Asteroid itself.

    Second: Yes the Asteroid is running Android 1.5, Yes it does text to speech but according to Parrot there's not an open API to use this functionality (Says Contact names and stuff). Yes it supports multiple Bluetooth profiles, A2DP with AVRCP, DUN, SAP, OBEX and some others...will check for HID (with my Microsoft Wireless 6000 Keyboard) soon. The Parrot SDK is NOT a correct resembling implementation of the device, its a skin for the default Android emulator and some Graphics as well as code samples.... So you can't test it in the emulator.

  4. Hey Jonas, I knew that... :-D hahaha...
    Let me know if Wisepilot is working on this device... Maybe you can try Osmand too... ;-)

    If HID is working you can use a mini keyboard + mouse like

    Regards, Dennis