Dienstag, 26. Juli 2011

How to temporary root the Asteroid (sorry - no full root yet!)

okay I didn't get a full root working yet.

But here's what to do to temporary root the device. I hope I'll find a way for permanent root soon.

What you need:
- usb attached keyboard
-sd card containing (rageagainstthecage.bin) and any Terminal App .apk (Spezialized version coming soon).

ATTENTION: rageagainstthecage.bin is recognized as Virus/Trojan. This is because it acts like a trojan as it opens a backdoor on android. It won't harm your computer. Be sure to turn virus software of, should it interrupt the download of the file

Let's start:
1. Insert the sdcard with both files in the car stereo and attacht the keyboard to one of the usb hosts.
2. Power your car stereo on.
3. Choose "Installer" and the install Your Terminal App.
4. Start it.
5. Now type the following (press Enter after each line)
5a. "cd /sdcard"
5b. "cp rageagainstthecage.bin /tmp"
5c. "cd /tmp"
5d. "chmod 0755 rageagainstthecage.bin"
5e. "./rageagainstthecage.bin"
6. There appears some text. The exploit starts.
7. Wait until you see a line "[+] Forked xxxx childs." (xxxx is a number). This can take about 20 seconds.
8. When you see that line, press "Enter" once.
9. Then press the car stereos "Menu" button (the small black one with lines on it on the left from the display).
10. choose "Exit" from the upcoming menu.
11. Start the Terminal Emulator again. On first try it will crash. So do it again.

12. If all has worked well, you'll see a "#" instead a "$" at the prompt. That means, you have root access now.

That's where we are for now.
Next step will be getting a (modified) su and Superuser.apk to work. But that's not working yet - at least for me.

I'll keep you updated.

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