Mittwoch, 29. Juni 2011

My ASTEROID arrived

Just a few days after ASTEROIDs release in Germany I finally received my unit. Installing it in my Volvo V40 has been not too hard (Ordered and received all other parts weeks ago...). Adapters were needed for Volvo proprietary audio and power connectors to plug into the ASTEROIDs ISO sockets. I routed the Microphone wire up the A-pillar, the iPhone/iPod cable, the Line-In and the 3G-USB cable into the glovebox and placed the GPS receiver inside the dashboard near the position where a original Volvo unit sits. After doing all the connections the ASTEROID powered on in about 20 to 25 seconds after turning to ignition. Setting up 3G and the FM-Radio was easy as following the menus. Because of bad reception the connection speed was pretty bad though...In a small tour around some corners the voice recognition worked as expected, one single misunderstanding saying "Evanescence" resulting in no music found has been the effect. Overall the ASTEROID did overwhelmingly good for its first couple of hours. Im looking forward to Parrots SDK release to build apps for this nearly perfect in-car device (mainly a turn-by-turn-navigation app).
Pictures to follow (first post, late evening, rain....excusable?). Now its your turn.....interested in news on my developers journey with this device? Leave some comment and crosslink please...

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