Montag, 24. September 2012


Parrot seems to kill support for the ASTEROID slowly...the forum moderators are not even announcing new software versions anymore. E-Mail notifications don't get sent in time and we're left here with our slowly outdating units.

THIS is what Parrot developers are doing now.

The ASTEROID Smart....a "go cry ASTEROID Classic users here is the next 550€ Car Stereo you have to buy to be happy"

Should existing ASTEROID owners get the new one? I've got a 2DIN slot in my car and would like to fill the whole space with an Android device. But Parrots idea of support and Android (the Smart ships with 2.3) just is nothing I want to deal with for my next device. I want support, documentation and hackability! If this is not given by Parrot I'm going to build my own Android Car Stereo...the Nexus 7 fits in the hole quite nice...;)

ASTEROID support by me will not be dropped in the near future, when not in my car the unit will reside indoors and be used as a home stereo.

Please comment...


  1. I have to agree! After the asteroid I will never ever buy another parrot product no matter what to reviews and price.. It's utter crap. Could have been so so good.. They good even have allowed to community to build it to something better.. But asteroid smart is an insult!

  2. I gave up on this hunk of junk a long time ago. No support. I had to fill any parrot email I could for months before they finely cleared off the spam from there forum.
    I gave the unit to my wife since she only uses it for a radio its fine for her.
    I put in a Samsung galaxy 2 tab. Much better and cheaper.

    1. Marton, does this mean you will sell me your Asteroid? I'm in LA and can be reached at the following obscured email. The domain is bobcov the name is bob. Put them together with an "at" and tack on a .com
      Also, if you reach me, I will have questions on how you did the Galaxy Tab. I saw the video. Pretty cool.


  3. I'm also thinking about installing a Nexus 7 in my car. Maybe connecting it through line-in to the original car radio - but I've currently no idea, where to put the original radio.

  4. The Asteroid 1-DIN has following problems:
    - the system is too slow (for videos, ...)
    - the android kernel was/is too old (1.6)
    - missing parts in android kernel for video
    - the display is too small
    - there is no way to publish your app to the normal-user (No "market" - and so no large developer community growned)