Mittwoch, 3. August 2011

LastFM Scrobbler coming to asteroid

Hey ASTEROID....I finally found a pretty reliable (reliably enough for me) way to access metadata from parrots player (even without root). More about this to come....
For all the LastFM useres out there: Scrobbling will come to the ASTEROID soon. Just need to finish my implementation (now playing notifications work, scrobbling requires caching etc....) so just stay tuned for more info. In the future, radio support may come too. For now as i see myself as beeing attracted by pictures more than by words:
Feel free to comment :D (not many comments in this blog for now...)


  1. Awesome! Although many do not comment, we are following your work closely. Thanks!

  2. Any chance you could release this apk? I'd love to have support on the Asteroid.